Cooperative Admissions Examination Program (COOP)  

  • Students attending participating Catholic elementary schools in the Archdiocese of Newark, the Diocese of Paterson, and Rockland County (NY) should follow school directions for registration. Many schools register their students directly.

  • Use the Multiple Students Registration option to register twins or multiples with one payment.

  • Diocese of Paterson Elementary Schools: You do not have to select a test site. Students are tested in their elementary schools. All other students must select three test sites (1st choice, 2nd choice, and 3rd choice). Scroll down on the list to see all test sites, including gender specific sites. The test site does not have to be the school that you want to attend. It should be closest to your home. Most students receive their first choice.

  • DO NOT use the forward and backward arrows in the browser. Use the buttons on the screen to move forward or back.
    Use the edit button for corrections and the delete button to delete a student. Use the buttons at the bottom of each page after completing to proceed.

  • Enter telephone with numbers only - no spaces or dashes. They will be added automatically.

  • Apartment and Floor numbers must be included on the Address Line.
    (Example: 14 Main Street, Apt. D3; 14 Main Street, 2nd Floor)

  • Complete the registration in one session. Do not keep the registration open, leave the computer, and return to complete. If you cannot complete the registration, exit the program and the browser.

  • All major credit cards are accepted. Some debit cards and gift cards may not be accepted by the clearing house.
    If a card is not accepted, try another card.

  • Students attending any eighth grade school not on the drop-down menu should use *999. Be sure the parent email is correct. All correspondence will be sent to the email address. Students selecting *999 as an elementary school will receive test admission letters at the email address. Put in your safe senders list.

  • Call the COOP help desk at 888-921-2667 if you are having any problem with any part of the registration process.

  • You are not registered until the fee has been paid and you receive the registration receipt with an order number and a transaction number.

  • Registration fees are not refundable